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Cozzi Tools for Developers

RPG IV and CL Functions That Get the Job Done!

The application development tools your Programmers need.

Cozzi cozTools for IBM i

Cozzi cozTools provides the development tools your Programming staff needs to get their job done. With over 200 individual tools that easily integrate into RPG IV or CL, they are sure to find the right tool for the job. If you prefer a pre-packaged solution, cozTools includes dozens of pre-written CL commands to perform tasks that every IBM i shop needs.Learn more about cozTools

SQL Query File for IBM i

Ad Hoc Reports, Excel & Web Data Simplified

 The power and simplicity of SQL to fulfill those ad hoc requests immediately.

Work with Query File

SQL Query File is an IBM i SQL command-line tool that allows you to quickly query your database, and then immediately turn that query into an Inquiry, a Report, PDF file, CSV file, Text file, or another database file. SQL Query File allows you to run virtually any SQL statement from within CL or command entry, giving you the results you need. Learn more about Query File

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