Query File is so easy to use and so powerful, you'll wonder where it was all your life.

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Query File™ - SQL for the Rest of Us

Announcing Query File™ SQL Tool

The Easy Way to Run SQL Query over your Database Files

To learn more about Query File:

August 5th, 2014: Cozzi Productions has announced, "Query File" an easy to use database query tool for the IBM i platform. With Query File, users can get to their data faster and programmers can avoid writing those quick and dirty/ad hoc reports, once and for all. Read the full press release here, or check out the Query File home page.

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Cozzi appTools

Cozzi appTools Product Pricing AppTools AppTools Developer AppTools Enterprise
License Fee $195 $999 $5999
Unlimited free runtime included Yes Yes Yes
Includes first year of Software Maintenance and Support Yes Yes Yes
Build CL programs using Cozzi AppTools CL Commands Yes Yes Yes
75+ CL commands and growing (learn more...) Yes Yes Yes
150+ RPG Enhancements Yes (runtime only) Yes Yes
Includes Full Source Code for Product (at time of license) No No Yes
Prompted Command Helptext/Documentation Yes Yes Yes
Up to 3 Hours of Consulting/Assistance (included with Support Contract) Yes Yes Yes
Earliest Release of IBM i (i5/OS) supported* v5.4 v5.4 v5.4
Where to order: Order then download Order then download Order then download

In use by all the major Companies and Organizations throughout North America. Isn't it time you took advantage of Cozzi Tools in your company?

Available in 3 Editions to fit any shop or budget:

  1. appTools Enterprise - Includes the full source code to Cozzi App Tools along with the AppTools Developer.
  2. appTools Developer  - Includes the App Tools and prototype source to use within your own RPG IV programs. Includes a free runtime library that allows you compiled RPG IV apps to use Cozzi App Tools on any other IBM i system without paying an additional license fee. This is truly a "free runtime" library.
  3. appTools - When you need the productivity of the Application Tools CL Commands. (See our growing list of CL commands included).

To purchase Cozzi AppTools visit our Registration page. Once registered, you'll be directed to a confirmation page where our "Ready to Buy" widget is available. 

For the very latest updates, visit our What's New page (updated weekly).

Copyright © 2012 Cozzi Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NOTE: * The current version supports IBM i v5r4 and later (aka i5/OS). The next major release shall work on IBM i v7.1 and later although it may also function on v6.1 but current design plans call for v7.1 and later only. At that time, the current runtime version shall be "frozen" and continue to be made available for v5r4 customers.